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Real Estate Auctions Make for Faster Transactions:

The very nature of the auction process makes transactions smoother, with faster closings. The buyers know that they should have their ducks in a row before bidding, and there isn't an inspection and repair negotiation process. Buyers at an auction have prepared thoroughly, and there is little back-and-forth after the gavel falls.

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07/07/2023 13:03

There are hundreds of things to consider, and if you're not familiar with the area the property is located in you won't have a feeling for the common problems that can plague properties there--so you won't know which questions to ask. The Safety Buffer The good news is that real estate...



Steve McQueen’s Ranch


Remember that scene in The Great Escape, where Steve McQueen tries to vault his motorcycle over the fence into neutral Switzerland? This is the type of home that comes on the market every now and then in Idaho, set in the same kind of scenery.

The $7.4 million (£4.77 million) Pioneer Moon Ranch, in Sun Valley, Idaho, was called the Crazy M Ranch by the Bullitt star. Follow your dream and you’ll get an atmospheric, log-cabin compound miles from anywhere,set in rolling hillside pastures and forests.

This was the Hollywood star’s on-and-off home for the last few years of his life, as he fought his losing battle against mesothelioma, the lung disease that killed him at the age of 50. Most of those last months were spent with his third wife, Barbara, a glamorous model 20 years his junior. He engineered their first meeting by pretending he wanted her to play an Indian princess in a forthcoming (fictitious) movie.

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The property listings portal that turned Britain into a nation of online curtain-twitchers. It is a one-stop shop that shows the sale price and current value of every address in the country. Tear yourself away from checking friends’ homes and set a “tempt me” price to tantalise would-be buyers.

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Zillow is a home-browsing site, if only for the sheer volume of information available. You get listings, mortgage rates, advice columns, and local info. In my area, they have more listings than any site mentioned here. They contain photos, information about the property, the number of days it’s been listed on Zillow, and the selling price. And best of all, Zillow estimates your monthly mortgage payment in the listing – so I don’t have to do the math before I think, “Whoa, I can’t afford that.”

Zillow also has apps for Android, Android tablet, IOS, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone.

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There seems to be a fair amount of bidding taking place in the real estate auction sections of eBay and other similar online auction companies. Some sellers are taking bids for a downpayment, with the intention of owner-financing the property after the auction closes.


For some auctions, your bid becomes the first payment in a lease-option agreement. Other sellers are simply trying to sell a property outright.

It's a little frightening to think that someone would buy property sight unseen, no matter how inexpensive it is.

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“Binding” and “Non-Binding”

07/07/2023 13:03

eBay offers sellers two choices for real estate auctions, "Binding" and "NonBinding." Don't be confused by those terms, because neither results in a legally binding contract to buy the real estate. So how do they differ? When you bid on a Binding real estate auction, you indicate a true intent...